How to quickly choose A LED Light?

1.Determine the brightness and color temperature you need:

Brightness is usually measured in lumens (lm), while color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K).

If you need a lamp for lighting, you may want to choose a higher brightness white light. If you need a light with ambient lighting, you can choose a low, warm yellow light.


2.Determine the shape and size you need:

You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes such as bulbs, downlights, light strips, and light boards. You need to choose the right shape and size for the area you want to light.


3. Check the quality and reliability of the lamp:

You can check the manual or brand information of the lamp to understand the quality and warranty period of the product. You can also check other customer reviews and ratings for more information and feedback. At the same time, the choice of well-known brands and reputable merchants can also increase the reliability of products and after-sales service protection.


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1: look at the chip quality To buy any kind of product, we must first observe its quality. As the core light-emitting element of LED lamp, chip plays a decisive role in various performance of LED and so on. Different brands, different models of chip lamp bead luminous efficiency and color rendering index are different.

What is the appropriate working current of LED lamp power supply?

Generally, the rated working current of LED lamp chips is 20mA. After many comparative tests, the design 17 ~ 19mA is ideal. The recommended design is 18mA, which can ensure that the life of the product is much longer than that of similar products. Although the cost will increase by a few percent.   Lamp installation

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