Tips for lighting purchase: How to choose a suitable home lighting fixture?

1: look at the chip quality

To buy any kind of product, we must first observe its quality. As the core light-emitting element of LED lamp, chip plays a decisive role in various performance of LED and so on. Different brands, different models of chip lamp bead luminous efficiency and color rendering index are different. Now most of the lamps on the market are single crystal chips, integrated core (or COB chip), performance is better than single crystal chips, it has a longer service life, and luminous efficiency, color rendering index are relatively high, and the use of a wider range of occasions. So in the purchase, try to choose COB chip.


2: Choose color temperature according to home space

The lighting needs of different places in the home are not the same, the bedroom should be soft and quiet, should not be too bright, the living room should be relatively bright, warm colors, etc., so the purchase of LED lamps in the home should be selected according to the color temperature of Led lights.

The color temperature range of LED lamp is 2700~6500K, the smaller the value tends to yellow light, and the opposite tends to blue white. The most suitable LED lighting color temperature range, should be close to the sun’s natural white light color range is the most scientific choice, in the daily home lighting can choose 2700K incandescent color or 5000K neutral white; In addition, the light is not the more white the better, the high color temperature of the light close to the glare of the sun at noon, the eye stimulation is too strong, while the low color temperature is easy to produce fatigue, only the color temperature comfortable light is a healthy lamp.


3: look at the luminous flux

Luminous flux is commonly referred to as brightness.

Different environments, different areas need different light. Under the same flat number, the number of bulbs used varies according to different environments. When purchasing, you can consult the purchasing guide according to your space needs.

When choosing lamps, it is necessary to combine the lighting environment, refer to the luminous flux index of the product, or pay attention to the brightness of the light, and try to choose lamps with sufficient brightness but not dazzling.


4: look at the color rendering index

Look at the color rendering index is to see the true degree of the color of the object under the light, the value is generally 0-100, and now the color rendering standards of LED bulbs are greater than 75, it is recommended to choose more than 80 better.


5: flash frequency test

LED lights have a defect light exposure has limitations, easy flash frequency, but different quality LED lights, flash frequency is also different, it is recommended that we pay attention to whether the LED lamps are stroboscopic when purchasing, stroboscopic lamps will have an impact on vision. Stroboscopic is a problem that is difficult to detect with the naked eye, you can use your mobile phone to take a picture of the light, if the photo appears gray and white “stripes” it means that there is stroboscopic, if there is no “stripes” it means no stroboscopic.


6: pay attention to health, safety and convenience

When choosing LED light source products, health and safety are key.

Therefore, it is best to choose products that meet national safety standards and have excellent quality, pay attention to the product qualification certificate when purchasing.


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