What is the appropriate working current of LED lamp power supply?

Generally, the rated working current of LED lamp chips is 20mA. After many comparative tests, the design 17 ~ 19mA is ideal. The recommended design is 18mA, which can ensure that the life of the product is much longer than that of similar products. Although the cost will increase by a few percent.


Lamp installation methods are ceiling, suspension, straight mounting.


  1. Lamps should be installed in places with good indoor and outdoor ventilation, less dust, and no corrosive gases and flammable and explosive items around. The power supply voltage is allowed to fluctuate in the range of 20% to -20% of the rated voltage.Out of range will affect the lighting technical parameters, too high voltage may burn the electronic ballast.


  1. Different types of endless fluorescent lamp bulbs can only be used with matching electronic ballasts of the same power.


  1. The cable connected to the bulb can not be extended at will.


  1. In cold winter areas such as the north or outdoor use, the lamps used should adopt a high sealing grade, and it is strictly prohibited to remove the lamp cover.


  1. The actual system power deviation of the matching lamp is within ±10%, within the allowable range.


  1. When installing fluorescent lamps, first of all, we must carefully read the instructions for the use of lamps, understand the installation and fixing methods of lamps, in order to do the corresponding installation measures in advance.


  1. It is best to connect the light before installing the light, first power to confirm that the light will be on and then install the light. In order to prevent the failure caused by the light not on after installation due to transportation or other reasons.


  1. 8. When installing, fix the wide side on one side of the light mask, and fix the narrow side on the lampshade.


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